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Kristian Roebling

Kristian Roebling

Kriss is a lifelong New Yorker and the great great grandson of Washington and Emily Roebling, the builders of the Brooklyn Bridge. He has spent his entire life steeped in family lore and history, and so has a unique perspective on the amazing story of his family and the bridge that they built. He loves to share his passion for bringing this story to life. He conveys an immediacy in his storytelling that no other tour guide can provide as he shares previously untold family tales, insights, and artifacts which help elucidate our vital connection to this past. He has a long history of sharing his stories, and has spoken publicly at numerous colleges, architectural organizations, cultural societies, consulates and local schools. He’s been featured in the New York Times, on BBC Radio, The History Channel, and many other reputable media outlets.

The Designer and Builders of the Brooklyn Bridge

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