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This was not the kind of tour I would normally gravitate to, personally, but after reading the great reviews I was pretty sure it would be a good choice for my parents. It turned out to be thoroughly interesting and enjoyable for all of us. It was probably the highlight of their visit and I am so glad we did it...Kriss has special knowledge, incredible stories, and a unique perspective on the history of the Brooklyn bridge that make this tour highly worthwhile. Beyond that, Kriss is a genuine pleasure to be with, extremely gracious, accommodating, articulate, kind and humble, with his own fascinating personal stories. I wish he offered tours for other special New York locations!
— Susanne, September 2019
I don’t even know where to begin on how amazing this experience was. I brought two relatives, who are architects from Belgium, to witness this experience and they were utterly enthralled. Being a direct descendent of John and Washington and Emily Roebling gives Kriss the inside scoop on things that reach way beyond public knowledge. It was a hot day, the sun was beating down but in the shade of the Manhattan tower it was cool, breezy and so pleasant, the perfect environment to be immersed in such an utterly unique experience. Kriss has amazing personal belongings of John and Washington that feel like you are bearing witness to something on par to the holy grail. It’s pretty amazing. The treat to amazing coffee and tea at the Brooklyn Brewing Co. was such a special touch and gave us more time to get to know each other. And believe me, you will want to know more about Kriss. His personal connection to this amazing structure is just the tip of the iceberg. He wears many many interesting hats and you will have as much fun unearthing those as well. Trust us! Please pay a little more for this unique experience, it is totally worth it.
— Val and Steve, July 2019
If you’re looking for a unique take on a tour of the Brooklyn Bridge, this is the one for you!! Kriss (yes, with two esses) is the great, great-grandson of John Roebling, the original inventor/engineer of the Bridge so he brings personal family stories along with - and this is what makes it unique and super cool - actual Roebling heirlooms that make his stories come alive!! I was the only one on the tour, which was awesome for me because I could ask all the questions I wanted and didn’t have to compete for his attention. He’s articulate, friendly, nice, polite - a great host! And no, he hasn’t paid me to write this! I didn’t know him, promise! ... This tour, by a direct descendant, was informative and enjoyable and worth your time if you want a unique perspective on that beautiful, iconic bridge (you’ll see it from both sides!). I HIGHLY recommend Kriss and his tour!!!!
— Kari, August 2019
Don’t explore the Brooklyn Bridge with anyone else. Kriss has the unique perspective of someone who has grown up hearing family stories that really flesh out the written record. Kriss is warm, engaging, and just fun to spend time with.
— Steve, July 2019
As a matter of fact it will be highly insignificant if you just walk on the Brooklyn Bridge without knowing the inspiring history about how it all began. Kriss has family ties with the the very people who orchestrated the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and therefore he has a profound and unadulterated knowledge about the Brooklyn Bridge. Kriss is extremely good natured, caring and lovely. I had a really awesome time with him and I highly recommend him as the number one tour guide as far as your visit to the Brooklyn Bridge is concerned. Two Thumbs up for you Kriss!!!!
— Akousa, July 2019